The new iPhone SE is pleased not only with the lowest price among relatives, but also with the lowest cost of the extended warranty AppleCare +

iPhone SE is Apple’s cheapest up-to-date smartphone and overall the cheapest iPhone in many markets where the company does not sell too old models.

The new iPhone SE is an improved version of the iPhone 8 with a new platform, a new camera and a number of other changes, while the design, dimensions, screen, battery and much more remained unchanged.

As it turned out, the iPhone SE not only turned out to be cheaper than the iPhone 8 (before the release of the new item it sold for $ 450), but the cost of the extended warranty for it is lower. If in the case of the iPhone 8 AppleCare + warranty cost $ 130, then for the new iPhone SE it costs $ 80.

At the same time, AppleCare + conditions remain standard: an additional 1 year warranty, coverage for two cases of accidental damage, and a reduced price for screen replacement or other repairs. By the way, with AppleCare + display replacement will cost only $ 30, and other types of non-warranty repairs – $ 100.

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