The new iPhone has two reasons to become even more expensive.

Next year, according to rumors, Apple will release four new iPhone models at once, not counting the iPhone SE 2, which is now also called the iPhone 9.

And all these four new products will allegedly be based on the latest 5G SoC. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that neither the presence of a 5G modem, nor new premium materials will not lead to a significant increase in prices for Apple smartphones. Moreover, the wording implies that a slight increase in price can still take place. For example, an older iPhone can start not with $ 1,100, but with $ 1,150 or $ 1,200.

But this, if you build on current prices. And as we know, iPhone may rise in price for other reasons not related to the transition to a new generation. In the worst case scenario, Apple smartphones could become more expensive due to the US-China trade war and new components. What prices will be in this case, one can only guess.

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