The new Apple Mac Pro is the computer of the future. It now allows you to work with 16K video

But with an optional adapter.
The new Apple Mac Pro is an incredibly expensive and incredibly powerful PC. One of its features is that, even with the goal of collecting something similar on your own, you will not succeed.

If we are talking about the top version of the Mac Pro, then the same 28-core Xeon W-3175X CPU is generally realistic to purchase. You can buy a motherboard for it, you can buy RAM and fast drives. But the Mac Pro has unique graphics cards, as well as equally unique expansion cards.

For example, an Afterburner board with some FPGA based, which allows the computer to work with 8K video in real time. It also allows you to work with three 8K ProRes RAW streams or 12 4K ProRes RAW streams at 30 fps.

One of the owners of the new Mac Pro decided to check how really productive the next Apple computer came out.

To begin with, the blogger tested a PC with 15 streams of video in 4K, and this was not a problem for the device. To clarify, it is thanks to the presence of Afterburner accelerator. Apparently, at that time his PC worked without a video card at all, that is, almost all the video processing load was taken by the Afterburner card.

Well, the cherry on the cake is the ability of Mac Pro (already with video cards) to process video in 16K resolution! It is unlikely that anyone will really need to work with such a resolution in the near future, but Mac Pro allows you to do it now.

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