The most powerful supercomputer in the world took on the study of coronavirus

For several months now, doctors have not been able to find an effective cure for Covid-19 coronavirus. In some countries, the epidemiological threshold has been significantly exceeded and even quarantine has been declared. Against this background, the most powerful computer on Earth, IBM Summit, was used to find an effective cure for the epidemic. Scientists have already reported on the first results of the supercomputer.

Reportedly, after analyzing many options, Summit suggested that scientists pay attention to the 77 low-molecular compounds found by him. According to the researchers, each of them deserves further study and could potentially become a cure for coronavirus.

“The findings do not mean that we have found a cure for coronavirus. Nevertheless, we very much hope that the results of the calculations will serve as the basis for future research, which will be used to find a cure. Only then will we find out if any of them have the properties necessary to end the epidemic, ”said Jeremy Smith, director of the ORNL Center for Molecular Biophysics.

The power of the IBM Summit supercomputer was provided to researchers for free. It took him two days to work, while most powerful systems would need several months. Doctors said they would carefully study all 77 variants of the compounds found.

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