The market for equipment for the production of semiconductor products by 2025 will grow to 103.5 billion dollars


It is expected that this year it will be 66.1 billion dollars. specialists have prepared a forecast related to the semiconductor equipment market. It covers the period from 2020 to 2025.

According to analysts, the specified market expects steady growth in the coming years. More specifically, sales of equipment for the production of semiconductor products in the indicated period will grow by an average of 9.4% per year. The key factors stimulating the growth of this market are the growth of the consumer electronics market, the increase in the number of manufacturers and the tendency to master more and more delicate technological processes.

Sales of equipment used to process the surface of semiconductor wafers will grow most rapidly. The fact is that the process of chemical-mechanical planarization, the purpose of which is to remove bumps and impurities from the surface of the plate, is performed at many stages of the process, playing a key role in it.

In addition, sales of testing equipment will grow rapidly. This equipment is vital for testing the functionality and performance of integrated circuits during production. With the development of technology, the complexity of designing and developing new products grows, as a result of which the requirements for equipment for testing grow.

If we talk about product segments for which the equipment is intended, the leader is the memory segment. Until 2025, new memory technologies such as MRAM, ZRAM, PCRAM, and RRAM are expected to replace most traditional technologies. This shift will affect the equipment market.

In general, it is predicted that the global market for semiconductor manufacturing equipment will grow from $ 66.1 billion in 2020 to $ 103.5 billion in 2025.


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