The main supplier of cameras for the iPhone stopped production

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, Apple is faced with a constant shortage of components. Despite the gradual restoration of the Foxconn factory, due to the outbreak of the disease, LG Innotek factory, which supplies camera modules for the company’s gadgets, was forced to stop working.

According to Reuters, in connection with the infection of one of the company’s employees with the COVID-2019 virus, the LG Innotek factory located in South Korea announced the suspension of the production of components for disinfection. How long the quarantine mode will last is not specified.

Presumably, this plant will supply camera modules for the unannounced iPhone 12. If the forced pause in production lasts only a few days, this will not affect the release rate of new Apple smartphones – with a longer duration, a simple American company runs the risk of difficulties when presenting new products. Almost simultaneously with LG, representatives of one of Samsung’s factories in South Korea also reported a temporary stoppage of work due to quarantine.

Last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook assessed the decline in production in China, noting that the country’s authorities “are keeping the situation under control,” and a decrease in the number of diseases indicates a positive trend. As of the morning of March 2, the total number of cases of coronavirus infection was 88.4 thousand, while 3041 people died and 44.8 thousand recovered.

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