The main secret of 2019 is revealed. Apple Mac Pro – Bad Cheese Grater

As soon as Apple introduced the new Mac Pro, users bombarded the Web with jokes about the huge and expensive grater. The case design really resembles a grater, although, of course, we are only talking about the front.

And now the Mac Pro went on sale, and, of course, immediately there were those who decided to check whether the PC can be used as a grater. You can see the result in the video below.

As you can see, the Mac Pro grater is very mediocre. You can really grate cheese, but the volumetric structure of the front panel does not allow the product to crumble down. You can blame the cheese in this situation, since the authors of the experiment took some kind of soft variety, but on the other hand, if the cheese was hard, it is not a fact that something would have been possible to grate.

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