The latest AMD processor is really based on the old architecture. But it is cheap

The Athlon 3000G processor was introduced a month ago. This is an affordable AMD CPU with a pair of cores, a Vega 3 GPU and a 35 W TDP. It costs only 49-55 dollars.

But regarding this processor, one question remained open. The fact is that if you go to the AMD website, you can see that the new process technology is 14 nm. At the same time, some advertising materials indicated a 12-nanometer manufacturing process.

In the first case, this means the processor’s attitude to the very first generation of Zen architecture, and in the second – to Zen +. As it turned out, the first option is still correct. The GamerNexus resource turned to AMD and received a response stating that the references to the 12-nanometer manufacturing process in some advertising materials were erroneous.

Thus, at the moment, all Athlon desktop CPUs belong to the very first generation of Zen architecture.

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