The head of Nvidia said that the company only recently created real gaming laptops

The concept of a gaming laptop is very vague. Someone believes that gaming laptops are just marketing, and there simply cannot be normal gaming mobile PCs.

Others call gaming laptops everything on which you can run at least some kind of game, which means that any mobile PC can be a gaming one, and in a certain sense it is.

If you approach the issue adequately, then you can call a gaming laptop, which in Full HD resolution (as the most popular today) is able to cope with modern games.

Prior to the release of Pascal mobile video cards, even very expensive gaming laptops were equipped with video cards that were analogues of budget 3D desktop cards, which affected productivity accordingly. Pascal mobile accelerators, unlike their predecessors, practically did not differ from desktop ones, which allowed taking gaming laptops to a new level.

But the head of Nvidia believes that real gaming laptops appeared only recently – with the release of Turing mobile 3D-cards. Moreover, the graphics card line GeForce RTX.

With the advent of the combination of Max-Q and RTX, we really created a completely new gaming platform – games on laptops.

At the same time, the head of Nvidia immediately says that gaming laptops did not exist before the Max-Q, and this happened in the Pascal generation.

Be that as it may, the thought of Jensen Huang is that it was Nvidia who created the real gaming laptops and did it recently.

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