The gaming industry can get a boost in development thanks to COVID-19

Given the situation with the coronavirus pandemic, one would think that absolutely all areas of life and market segments are experiencing great difficulties. But actually it is not.

When people start spending all their time at home due to quarantine activities, they start looking for ways to have fun. And games are one of the most important.

For example, Swedish analysts have already called the gaming segment a safe haven for investors.

Game companies are likely to benefit from the fact that more and more people around the world are quarantined. The popularity of the largest games on Steam has grown significantly in recent weeks, while spending on mobile games has increased in China.

MiDiA analyst agrees with his Swedish colleagues, who argues that the gaming market may receive an additional impetus for development thanks to coronavirus. In particular, he believes that online games can be one of the best communication options during quarantine. In addition to this, game development studios can continue to work in the remote mode format.

Continuing this logic, we can assume that various gaming accessories and devices can also become more popular in the current situation.

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