The first project in the field of quantum computing in chemistry has been launched in Russia


Nissan and the Quantum Machine Learning Project of the Russian Quantum Center (RCC) have announced the launch of a joint science and technology project. The project relates to the field of application of quantum computing for modeling chemical compounds. Partners expect to create new methods for modeling quantum systems and test them using existing quantum processors. Note that this is one of the first commercial projects in the field of quantum computing in Russia and the first project of its kind in the field of quantum chemistry. Interestingly, the parties did not disclose the timing and financial side of the project.

The need to attract quantum computing is due to the fact that modeling complex systems such as materials, drugs, batteries, is too much a load for existing computers, while it is expected that quantum computers can solve these problems much more efficiently. In turn, modeling would speed up the selection of the optimal characteristics of the materials or reactions within the materials needed for new products. In particular, one of the most urgent tasks now is modeling chemical compounds for batteries.

Recall that the Russian Quantum Center, founded in December 2010, is a non-governmental organization specializing in basic research in the field of quantum physics, developing devices and technologies based on quantum effects. Now the center has more than 150 employees. In 2017, they developed the world’s first quantum blockchain.


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