The first PlayStation 5 exclusive introduced

The announcement took place immediately after the presentation of the Xbox Series X
In the gaming console industry, the confrontation between Microsoft and Sony continues. Today was announced the Xbox Series X game console, as well as the first exclusive Saga Senua: Hellblade II.

Immediately after this, Sony introduced its first exclusive game for the PlayStation 5, called Godfall. Below is the debut trailer for this project.

Speaking about the genre affiliation of Godfall, it is worth noting that this is an action game with a third-person view and elements of a role-playing game. The developers of Borderlands created a completely new universe and changed the location of the camera.

The emphasis is on cooperative passing, as well as on fights in close and medium combat. It is immediately agreed that Godfall will be an exclusive project for the PS5 for a limited period of time. Later, the game will definitely appear in the Epic PC game store.

But we won’t be surprised if in the end the game appears on the Xbox Series X, as lately there are less and less real exclusives in the industry.

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