The first alternative in many years to AMD and Intel. This is the VIA CenTaur processor

It seems that VIA is really ready to return to the x86-compatible processor market.

The source does not provide new details. But we already know about the four-channel DDR4 controller, 44 PCIe 3.0 lanes, the TSMC 16-nanometer process technology and 16 MB of the third-level cache. In addition, it was previously said about an integrated set of system logic, which means that we are not faced with a processor, but a single-chip system. And VIA itself called it the world’s first high-performance SoC x86 architecture with an integrated AI coprocessor.

It is also worth recalling the special ring bus through which the same NCore block is connected to each processor core. Unfortunately, it is not yet clear when this CPU will appear on the market and in what form.

But when it does come out, it will be the first globally available x86-compatible processor in seven years, not released by AMD or Intel. In addition, it will be the first VIA CPU in 15 years to be installed in the processor socket.

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