The eyes of a fly – this is what Samsung’s new VR helmet looks like


Quality images of Samsung Odyssey Mixed Reality 2020.
The Samsung Odyssey virtual reality headset was announced in October 2017, it was the first standalone headset from a Korean manufacturer. Recently it became known that Samsung Electronics filed a patent for the new Odyssey headset, which was approved by the National Intellectual Property Office of China on January 17.

The Letsgodigital resource used patent images to create a three-dimensional model of the new headset, codenamed Samsung Odyssey Mixed Reality 2020.

The front part causes persistent associations with the eyes of the fly. Perhaps this convex design will allow for a larger viewing angle. In any case, this sets the new headset apart from the competition.

The new headset does not have a swivel wheel with which you can hold the device around the head more firmly. For this, retractable parts are provided on the sides.

On the bottom there are two volume buttons, as well as another button, the purpose of which is not yet clear. The new headset, judging by the description, has four built-in cameras, which should contribute to more accurate tracking.

The device can be presented on February 11 at the conference dedicated to the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S20.


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