The era is gone. Significant Change in Microsoft Word

Microsoft has made a small but significant change in its proprietary Word text editor, which should draw a line under the long-standing “holy war”.

The thing is that many users, when typing on a PC after the period, put two spaces, while others are sure that only one space is set correctly.

The tradition of two spaces has come from the world of typewriters and is no longer relevant. However, this approach has quite a few supporters, and not all of them are ready to sacrifice a whole gap in favor of the “world of the future.”

Microsoft has now simplified the transition process. It’s simple: the Word verification system began to mark two spaces after the period as an error. This was noticed by user Alan Chen on the social network Twitter.

His tweet: “Supporters of one gap won. Microsoft Word now displays two spaces after the period as an error, “over the past weekend has become viral. At the time of writing the news, he scored 148.8 thousand “likes”, 14.3 thousand retweets and 8.6 thousand responses.

While the innovation is not present on all systems. Microsoft has been offering the “single-space rule” option for many years, but Alan Chen emphasized that he did not make any changes to the settings on his PC. The change caused a mixed reaction among users.

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