The epidemic has led to the cancellation of announcements, tournaments and other events


Many companies in China are forced to change their plans.
The company Riot Games indefinitely postponed the next stage of the tournament on the multiplayer online game League of Legends due to the outbreak of coronavirus in China.

We decided to postpone the second stage of the competition until we can ensure the safety and health of our players and fans. We are sorry that it came to this.

League of Legends Pro League

League of Legends Pro went on vacation in connection with the celebration of the Chinese New Year and was originally supposed to return on February 5 to conduct a new stage of the tournament for the popular game. The developers promised to share the news as soon as they become available.

The epidemic in China is forcing various technology companies to change their plans. For example, Xiaomi is rumored to hold an online presentation of Xiaomi Mi 10, having refused a press conference with a large number of people.


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