The developers of self-driving cars claim that their offspring will be able to prevent much more accidents than they think in IIHS

Self-driving vehicle companies have criticized a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), funded by US insurers. Acording to a study at IIHS, it was concluded that self-driving cars will be able to prevent only a third of all road traffic crashes in the United States. The developers are confident that the authors of the study underestimated the capabilities of the technology.

According to those who create self-driving vehicles, the corresponding systems are designed in such a way as to prevent a much larger number of possible causes of accidents, including more complex errors caused by drivers making inadequate or incorrect maneuvers.

According to the Partners for Automated Vehicle Education (PAVE) consortium, which includes technology companies developing self-driving technology, self-driving vehicles can avoid approximately 72% of accidents. According to members of another industry group – Alliance for Automotive Innovation, even a one third reduction in deaths will be an important achievement, but developers and manufacturers are striving to achieve better results.

Of course, the number of accidents can never be reduced to zero, especially as long as people will drive part of the cars, but self-driving cars may well make road traffic safer.

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