The creator of the most famous cheat code in history passed away

Today, developers rarely add real cheat codes to games. Usually they are used as small Easter eggs – in this regard, the most popular one can be called the “Konami code” with certainty.

The legendary combination of buttons came up with the Japanese developer Kazuhisa Hashimoto. More recently, the gaming industry guru has passed away.

The game designer first used the code when creating the Gradius version for NES in 1986. According to legend, the game was too complicated for the developer, so he added the ability to get all the boosts for the ship with a simple combination. As a result, the cheat code got into the release build, and Konami began to add it to subsequent titles.

In many game series, including Contra, Castlevania and Metal Gear, the combination really either helps in passing or opens up new content. In other cases, the “Konami code” acts solely as an Easter egg. For example, in the Rocket League, he changes the screensaver of the main menu, and in Anthem, he launches an alternative music theme. The cheat code can also be found in the Disney movie “Ralph” and used on various gaming sites.

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