The correct Redmi Note 8 received not only NFC, but also an 18 W charge

We have already reported that European online stores have begun selling the new version of the Redmi Note 8 smartphone, which will greatly upset the owners of the original Redmi Note 8.

The fact is that at a price of less than 200 euros, the smartphone, which was called Redmi Note 8T, has exactly the same characteristics, as well as an NFC module for contactless payments. That is, the manufacturer first released the standard version without NFC, and a few weeks later offered customers the same smartphone with wireless payment.

However, this is not the only change. As it became known, in the standard package of delivery of Redmi Note 8T, customers will find a power supply for quick charging of an 18 W device.

It is interesting how the appearance of Redmi Note 8T will affect the sales of Redmi Note 8, although we are unlikely to find out about this, since the manufacturer will probably report on the total successes of the entire series.

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