The consequences of coronavirus. Russia faces a shortage of laptops due to the massive transition to remote work

In Russia, a shortage of laptops may soon form. This was reported by an authoritative publication of RBC with reference to representatives of companies and system integrators.

The thing is that the Russians began to massively switch to remote work from home in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, production in China has not yet been fully restored after the recent shutdown of plants due to coronavirus.

According to sources, the largest distributors of electronics have almost emptied their warehouses for laptops. They connect the sharply increased demand for laptops and personal computers with the massive shift of employees of large companies to remote work due to the spread of coronavirus.

The ruble depreciation is superimposed on the problem. According to GfK analysts, Russians are in a hurry to “urgently implement pending plans to buy computers until prices change.”

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