The Battle of Three Generations of Intel Mobile Processors 2020

The new Tiger Lake CPUs will be pleased with GPU performance.
Today, Intel has just two current line of mobile processors: Comet Lake and Ice Lake. Moreover, the CPUs in both are very similar, which can complicate the choice for the buyer. And in the second half of the year, Ice Lake will be replaced by the Tiger Lake lineup with a new architecture for both the CPU and GPU.

And now we have the opportunity to directly compare three processors from different lines.

The test involved a 25-watt Core i7-1065G7, a 25-watt Core i7-10710U and an unrepresented Tiger Lake-U CPU with a frequency of 2.7 GHz and an unknown heat packet.

In this case, the first and last processors have four cores, and the Core i7-10710U – six cores.

If we talk about processor performance, then in 3DMark Fire Strike processors scored 11,996, 16,331 and 13,030 points in the above order. That is, the flagship Comet Lake is expectedly faster due to the larger number of cores. And the growth in Tiger Lake relative to Ice Lake is less than 9%.

If we are talking about graphical performance, the results are as follows: 3241 (734), 1444 (316) and 4510 (977) points in the same order. In brackets are points for Ultra mode.

As you can see, the GPU in Tiger Lake, and this will be the Xe generation GPU, is about 33% faster than the graphics core in Ice Lake and three times faster than the GPU in Comet Lake, and this is already impressive.

Yes, we do not know the TDP of the Tiger Lake processor, but if it’s the same 25 W, then we can talk about a small increase in CPU performance and an impressive increase in GPU power.

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