The basis of the Cray Shasta supercomputer for the US Navy will be AMD EPYC processors with a total number of cores 290 304

According to a source, as part of a program to upgrade supercomputers in the United States, the Cray Shasta system will be deployed in the US Navy’s supercomputer center, with a theoretical peak performance of 12.8 PFLOPS

The basis of this supercomputer are AMD EPYC (Rome) processors. The number of processors is not called, but the total number of cores will be 290,304. The processors will be supplemented by 112 general-purpose graphics processors (GPGPUs) of the Nvidia Volta V100. The system configuration will include 590 TB of RAM and storage capacity of 14 PB, 1 PB – on solid-state drives with NVMe support. The Cray Slingshot network will connect the system components, enabling them to exchange data at 200 Gb / s.

One of the tasks that the US Navy supercomputers solve is the modeling of the climate and the state of the ocean, which helps military meteorologists and oceanographers to predict environmental conditions that can affect the naval forces. Allegedly, the new supercomputer will help improve the accuracy of forecasts. He is expected to be ready by the beginning of fiscal year 2021.

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