The Apple U1 chipset was created in Cupertino

A recent disassembly of iFixit confirms that the U1 chip in the iPhone 11 series smartphones was developed by Apple’s own efforts.

This disproves earlier suggestions that the Apple U1 chip uses an ultra-wideband DW1000 Decawave chip. The DW1000 has similar features to the Apple U1 and can provide positioning accuracy of up to 10 cm. However, sources confirm that the Apple U1 chip is different from the DW1000. At the same time, both chips use the same standard, so U1 can work with third-party devices that use the Decawave chip.

It was originally believed that the chip was licensed by Decawave, but Decawave confirmed that Apple has developed its own chipset, which is compatible with Decawave chips. Apple has several chips in various series, such as A, M, W, H, T, and S. However, U1 is the first chip in the new U series.

If the device has a U1 and iOS 13 chip, you can use Airdrop to share files faster and more safely between iPhone smartphones. Of course, this is just one use case, that is, developers can create more applications and use cases.

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