The Americans want self-driving cars and have already decided what they will do

About 40% of adult American drivers are inclined to buy a self-driving car, hoping to do other things while driving, not driving. This result was obtained as a result of a survey conducted by Adobe Analytics.

Global automakers and technology companies have already spent billions of dollars developing self-driving vehicles, but industry experts believe it will be years before the point is reached when cars can handle all aspects of driving without human intervention – if not always, then at least most cases.

Meanwhile, consumers seem ready for a revolution. An Adobe report says that many buyers consider whether the car they purchase has self-government functions.

Explaining what they will do, entrusting the computer to control the machine, in almost half of the cases, the respondents chose the item “eat and drink”. Phone calls and correspondence were often called about the same. The work was named by about a third of the respondents. A complete picture of what drivers are going to do after getting rid of the steering wheel and pedals gives a diagram.

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