The 340-dollar Honor 30S charges as fast as the fourfold more expensive Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Huawei was the first to start adding ultra-fast charging even to relatively inexpensive smartphones. In this case, 40 watts. The first such device was the P40 Lite, the second – Honor 30S.

The Honor 30S is equipped with a 4000 mAh battery, that is, its capacity is by far the most typical. How fast is such a device with a 40-watt charge? Very fast.

It takes a little less than 60 minutes to fully charge, that is, this is the level, for example, of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. In the first 10 minutes, the Honor 30S will charge almost 30%, in 20 minutes – a little more than half. In 40 minutes you will get 90%, and for many this will be the most important.

Recall, the Honor 30S costs only $ 340, so it can probably be called the fastest charging smartphone in this price category.

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