The 24-pin PC power connector is finally retiring

He is over two decades old.
The PC market, of course, is more inert than the smartphone market, but here everything is changing, and in recent years it has been very active. It’s enough to take the processor segment, where less than three years have passed since the first Ryzen CPUs were released, and there were more changes than in the previous ten.

But among all that is changing, there are a number of features that remain unchanged for years and even decades. In particular, the large 24-pin connector through which power is supplied from the unit to the motherboard is known even to those who are very far from the PC world – it is enough just that a person sometimes opens the case to clean it from dust.

This connector belongs to the ATX standard, which was adopted 25 years ago and began active distribution on the market about 20 years ago. And soon he will finally retire.

According to a source, Intel intends to introduce a new connector this year – ATX12VO. It will change not only externally, but also electrically. As you know, now the main components of a PC are mainly powered by 12 V, but the 24-pin connector also supplies other lines (3.3 V and 5 V) to the system board. In the case of ATX12VO, everything will change – all lines will be 12-volt, and the motherboard itself will be engaged in the conversion itself. In addition, the connector will become 10-pin, which will make it much more compact.

Most likely, at first only PC makers will fully switch to the ATX12VO standard, and components for self-assembly will continue to use the old connector for some time to come. A full transition to the new standard will obviously take more than one year.

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