The 2021 Genesis G90 model year received smart headlights and an automatic braking system when reversing

The Genesis brand introduced new trim levels for the G90 2021 model year. The changes affected all versions of the all-wheel drive sedan executive class.

The Royal, Royal Long, Premier and Elite trim levels with Smart Sense are complemented by an intelligent adaptive headlight system. It allows you not to switch manually from high beam to low when driving on the highway. The system will automatically do this for you, taking care also of other participants in the movement whom you cannot blind.

The novelty uses individual electronic control of LEDs in the headlights, which allows you to turn off and on individual light elements. To analyze the illumination, data from the front camera of the active safety system are used.

All versions of the Genesis G90 2021 of the model year received an automatic braking system when reversing, which improves safety when leaving a parking space or when parking in reverse. It will be very difficult to face an obstacle or run over a pedestrian. When there is a danger of an accident, the car sends a signal to the dashboard and the screen of the multimedia system and applies automatic braking itself.

The new Genesis G90 is available on the market in 5 trim levels: Prestige, Premier, Elite, Royal and Royal Long. Premier equipment can be supplemented with Smart Sense and High-Tech packages, including high-tech equipment, and Elite equipment can be supplemented with Smart Sense and VIP packages. VIP package provides additional comfort to the rear passengers, including through separate executive class seats.

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