That’s why top platforms are needed. Live HDR + and Dual Exposure features will not appear on older Google Pixel smartphones

The performance of top single-chip systems has long been redundant for common tasks. The OnePlus and Pixel smartphones on the Snapdragon 835 work even faster than many modern flagships, proving once again that often the issue is in optimization, and not in performance.

However, smartphones still get new features from year to year, and some of them really require the most up-to-date hardware. These include the Live HDR + and Dual Exposure features debuted on the new Pixel smartphones.

The first allows real-time evaluation of the operation of the HDR + function, and the second allows you to adjust the light and dark areas of the image before it is received. Google claims that both features require certain low-level hardware capabilities, so they cannot be ported to older Pixel models.

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