That’s when you get the new Intel mobile processors.

The issue with the new Intel processors, which the company should release in the coming months, is still open. Initially, it was believed that Comet Lake’s 45-watt mobile CPUs would hit the market with new laptops as early as February, and desktop ones would appear in March-April.

Now there are hints that the desktop ones will be released only in May. As for mobile, the source claims that these CPUs will be presented on March 31.

The source so far has data on only three models, moreover, we have not heard about one of them before. So, we are waiting for the quad-core Core i5-10300H, six-core Core i7-10750H and Core i7-10875H, which will probably also receive six cores.

Also, the source for some reason suggests that these processors may belong to the Ice Lake generation, that is, be 10-nanometer, but it is not clear where this opinion came from, because, firstly, there was not a single hint or rumor about such an opportunity and secondly, all leaks indicate precisely that future innovations will be based on the old architecture.

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