That’s what tests of the strangest Intel processor showed

Weak CPU, but very productive GPU.
A couple of weeks ago in the test for the first time lit up the most unusual Intel processor – Lakefield. Recall, this is a five-core CPU, which has one productive core of the Ice Lake line and four very energy-efficient “atomic” cores with the new Tremont architecture.

This is still a pretty mediocre benchmark for comparing the CPU, but it’s better than nothing.

So, the processor scored 3431 points (Physics Score). This roughly corresponds to the result of Core m3-7Y30 and Core m3-8100Y. These are super-energy-efficient CPUs with two cores and a TDP of 4.5-5 watts.

We also have the opportunity to evaluate the G7 GPU. The result in the test is 2019 points, and this is approximately 20% less than the result of the same GPU in the core processors of the Ice Lake line. That is, we have a very low-performance CPU and powerful enough for this class of GPUs.

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