That is why we have not received the new correct Pocophone. Probably not getting

Poco brand Snapdragon 865 smartphone not required now.
The Pocophone F1 smartphone has deservedly become very popular. However, despite this, still has not received a full-fledged successor. It is impossible to consider the Poco X2 model as such, since it is not based on the flagship platform, and in general it is simply renamed Redmi K30.

Since the Poco brand is now independent, the source decided to ask its general manager why, after Poco F1, a smartphone with similar positioning did not come out.

As it turned out, one of the reasons is the high cost of the top Qualcomm platforms in 2019 and 2020.

All platforms in the Snapdragon 800 line are extremely expensive. And the Snapdragon 865, being the first generation of 5G platforms, costs even more. The same Snapdragon 855 was also initially launched with a slightly higher (relative to Snapdragon 845) price

However, the source at the same time notes that the Snapdragon 845 initially cost Xiaomi $ 45, and then fell in price, while the Snapdragon 855/855 Plus cost about $ 53. With such a meager difference in price, it is not very clear why this was a problem for Xiaomi and now for Poco, as a separate brand.

Another reason the Poco X2 is not based on the Snapdragon 865 is the lack of 5G in India. And although for many, the top-end platform is primarily performance and not a modem, apparently Poco believes that it makes no sense to release a smartphone with 5G in India.

By the way, about India. Pocophone F1 was sold in many countries, since at that time it was promoted by Xiaomi itself. Now Poco is a separate brand and it is an Indian brand. And the fact is that he is not going to go beyond the limits of his native market yet. In fact, this makes no sense, because the Poco X2 is a copy of the Redmi K30. And where there is no Redmi K30 right now, a copy of it will soon appear under the name Xiaomi Mi 10T. Thus, there is simply no place for Poco X2 in all of these markets.

And, given this fact, as well as all of the above, we can safely assume that there will be no Poco F2. At least there won’t be that very correct Poco F2 with a low price and SoC Snapdragon 865.

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