Thanks to WhatsApp, attackers can steal files from a computer

The developers have already fixed the vulnerability, it is worth updating.
Javascript and security specialist Gal Weizman from PerimeterX revealed the technical details of several serious vulnerabilities in the popular WhatsApp messenger.

We are talking about security flaws in the desktop clients of WhatsApp on Windows and macOS, as well as the web version of WhatsApp Web. These vulnerabilities allow an attacker to access files on a user’s computer simply by sending a specially crafted message.

A security hole gives read permission on the local Windows and macOS file system. Weizmann described the use of vulnerabilities on the PerimeterX blog.

In order not to fall for the bait of cybercriminals, WhatsApp users should monitor messages that are more like part of the code than plain text, and also not open suspicious links sent from unknown accounts.

However, it’s enough just to check the version of the application and update it to the latest. A WhatsApp spokesperson has already told reporters that the vulnerabilities described by Weizmann were closed in mid-December.

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