Thanks, AMD. Upcoming Ryzen 4000 desktop processors will remain compatible with B450-based motherboards

AMD will release Ryzen 4000 desktop processors this year (not to be confused with the mobile line of the same name). This is expected to happen in September or October.

Desktop Ryzen 4000 will retain the performance of AM4, that is, they will be compatible with existing motherboards. But is it with everyone? If you believe the representative of the company XMG, which released the same laptop Apex 15 with a 16-core desktop Ryzen 9 3950X, this mobile PC will also support new processors. More precisely, they will be supported by the motherboard at the base of the laptop with the B450 chipset. And this means that all motherboards with this set of logic should receive support for future CPUs.

This can not but rejoice. Especially against the background of Intel launching a new LGA 1200 socket this year, and at the initial stage for Comet Lake processors, which, in addition to having 10-core models, will not differ from their predecessors.

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