Tesla will make an electric car specifically for China

All car makers strive to endless Chinese market.
Tesla recently launched a factory in China and has already begun mass production of Model 3. So far, the sedan is quite expensive on the local market, but they want to lower the price as they increase localization to $ 37,000, which is about the level of Model 3 in the United States. But these are plans for the near future, but in the distance everything may turn out to be even more interesting.

According to the source, Tesla published a note on WeChat that describes the transformation of the company’s philosophy from Made in China to Designed in China. The text says that the company is going to develop its own “Chinese style” and integrate elements of the most beautiful Chinese works of art into electric cars. For this, the company is going to hire “local talents”. These same “talents” can already direct their achievements to Tesla.

In fact, this article announced the creation in China of a local R&D center. At first, the ideas embodied in it, taking into account the national flavor, will be applied in the Chinese versions of cars, but then they will appear in versions for the international market. The source does not even exclude that, as a result, the company can create a new electric car specifically for the Chinese market.

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