Tesla will develop electric minibuses

Rumors that a minibus may appear in the Tesla range of electric vehicles have been around for a long time, and now they can be said to have been confirmed at the highest level. The development of such a vehicle was expressed by Elon Musk himself. His words are quoted by the source.

“In addition to vehicles for ordinary consumers, two other types of electric vehicles are needed: heavy trucks and roomy city transport. Both are at an early stage of development and are due to debut next year. We believe that Tesla Semi will significantly reduce the cost of transportation of goods, increase safety and make working with it really exciting, ”said the head of Tesla.

What is meant by roomy city transport? This was explained by the head of the district of San Bernardino Kurt Hagman (Curt Hagman). According to him, Tesla will develop electric vans for the new project of The Boring Company, they will accommodate up to 12 people with luggage. These cars will travel through a 4.5 km long tunnel that connects Ontario International Airport and the city of Rancho Cucamonga. As noted, the San Bernardino County functionaries in charge of the project were so impressed with The Boring Company’s offer that they refused to study other forms of public transport and completely focused on this tunnel. So Tesla electric minibuses will definitely be needed for Los Angeles. What they will be like is not yet clear. More details are expected in early fall.

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