Tesla – The World’s Largest Electric Car Manufacturer

Tesla surpasses Chinese BYD in terms of supply
Not many people know that until recently, the largest manufacturer of electric vehicles and hybrids was not at all the American Tesla, but the Chinese company BYD. And although the supply volumes of both manufacturers were pretty close, BYD was slightly ahead of Tesla. But now, after Tesla has successfully overcome all the difficulties of production processes, the brainchild of Ilona Mask has come forward – and has become the largest manufacturer of electric cars in the world.

According to the data for October of this year, the supply of Tesla electric vehicles amounted to 807 954, BYD – 787 150. Moreover, one important point should be taken into account: Tesla produces only electric cars, while electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids are taken into account in the BYD supply structure.

It should be noted that soon the gap in the supply volumes of the two leaders of the segment will become even greater. Sales of BYD electric cars in China are falling (only 11,220 electric vehicles and hybrids were sold in November – a decrease of 62.7% compared to the same period last year), and they are practically not represented outside the Celestial Empire. With Tesla, everything is exactly the opposite: sales are growing (though mainly due to Model 3) both in the USA and in Europe. The recently launched Chinese factory is already working at the warehouse, official sales will start soon. And next year, the Cybertruck pickup will add sales. So it’s unlikely that anyone will be able to take the title of the largest electric car manufacturer from Tesla in the next few years.

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