Tesla started taking orders for Cybertruck in China

Tesla is just starting to build a plant in Austin, which will produce an armored pickup truck Cybertruck, but the company is already expanding the geography of countries in which they accept orders for this new product. Another such country has become China.

You can order Cybertruck in one-, two- or three-engine versions directly on the Chinese mirror of the official Tesla website. A refundable deposit is 1,000 yuan or approximately $ 140. A potential buyer can immediately order a fully autonomous autopilot. The surcharge for it is 64,000 yuan or $ 9060. That is, the cost of armor and autopilot in China is not very different from the North American.

The launch of pre-orders for Cybertruck in China is thought to be driven by Tesla’s desire to test demand in the new market. How many pre-orders will result in real ones is a question. But, according to the latest data, the volume of orders of Cybertruck in the USA exceeded the mark of 650,000. The capacity of the Chinese market is even greater, so it could potentially surpass the American one.

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