Tesla quietly bought a battery developer

According to Electric Autonomy, Tesla recently acquired Hibar Systems, a lithium-ion battery company. Although the name Hibar is little known, this company with about 50 employees has been working in this direction since the 1970s, and recently it received a multi-million grant from the Canadian government for the development of “advanced lithium-ion batteries”.

Tesla did not want to draw attention to the acquisition: the deal became known only now, although according to the source, it could have been completed in July (although, possibly, later).

In addition, in February Tesla acquired another battery company. The purchase of Maxwell Technologies cost the automaker $ 218 million.

Acquisitions of this kind are not surprising: the head of Tesla, Elon Musk, recently announced his intention to create a “battery for a million miles.” To achieve this goal, not only money, but also specialists are needed.

Own batteries with increased energy density and increased resource can provide Tesla an advantage over competitors in the electric car market.

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