Tesla Model 3 electric cars can get cheaper by 20% or more

The manufacturer is considering reducing the price of cars assembled in China.
US-based Tesla is considering lowering prices for Model 3 sedans assembled in China by 20% or more next year. This was reported by Bloomberg, referring to its own informants familiar with the plans of the manufacturer of electric vehicles.

Prices for electric cars manufactured at the new Tesla factory in China start at 355,800 yuan (about $ 50,550). They are likely to be reduced in the second half of 2020. A 20% reduction will lower the price below the psychological mark of 300,000 yuan, making Tesla machines more attractive to customers. It is necessary for the manufacturer in conditions when the largest market for electric vehicles showed signs of slowdown.

To lower prices, the automaker is seeking to use more local components so as not to pay import duties.

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