Tesla has been able to resolve a dispute with Walmart caused by solar fires

The US-based Walmart company, which manages the world’s largest wholesale and retail chain, has sued Tesla. The plaintiff accused Tesla of negligence in installing solar panels in hundreds of chain stores, which resulted in at least seven fires.

In a joint statement, the companies noted that they were “happy to solve the problems raised by Walmart” and counted on a “safe resumption of operation” of renewable energy generators.

In a lawsuit filed on August 20 with a New York State court, Walmart demanded the removal of solar panels from the rooftops of more than 240 stores. In her opinion, Tesla ignored safety rules, relying on untrained and uncontrolled personnel when installing and maintaining panels, and gave priority to speed of work and profit, rather than safety.

Terms of the settlement were not disclosed. It is known that the world’s largest merchant refused to pay damages, thus leaving the right to go to court again if something goes wrong.

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