Tesla electric car charging in China has become free

This is the manufacturer’s contribution to the fight against coronavirus outbreaks.
Tesla China has notified its customers that due to a coronavirus outbreak in that country, they will all be able to charge Tesla’s electric cars at branded charging stations for free until the flash is extinguished.

The decision of the automaker is dictated by the desire to reduce the risk of transmission of infection, since it is assumed that free charging will allow owners of electric vehicles to use public transport less.

A notification that charging has become free is displayed on the screen of the electric vehicle.

The manufacturer promises to warn owners of electric vehicles again before charging becomes paid again.

This is not the first time Tesla has taken the measures available to it to help those in extreme circumstances. Earlier, free charging was provided in regions where hurricanes and forest fires raged. In addition, then the manufacturer canceled the software limitations of the batteries, which increased the mileage without recharging.

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