Tesla Cybertruck surprises with drag coefficient

Pickup Tesla Cybertruck turned out to be extremely unusual. We have already talked about why the car has such chopped forms. But what about aerodynamics?

Tesla itself does not indicate drag coefficient. For a pickup, it is not particularly important, but, on the other hand, we are talking about a pickup with the dynamics of a hypercar (if you take the top version).

Aerospace engineer Justin Martin built a three-dimensional Tesla pickup truck and used it in a CFD simulator. The author decided not to indicate the resulting aerodynamic drag coefficient, since the model could still have some inaccuracies, but on the whole the result was very impressive.

It can be seen that the creators of Cybertruck gave the car such a shape, including relying on calculations related to aerodynamics. Martin noted that the drag coefficient of the Tesla pickup truck is probably significantly lower than that of most sports cars.

True, it is worth bearing in mind the fact that in the form in which Cybertruck was shown to the public, it is unlikely to be able to get into mass production, since the machine simply does not receive a number of necessary certificates. However, in most cases, these nuances of the basic body shapes do not apply.

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