Tesla Cybertruck has become smaller. Elon Musk spoke about the main changes in the car at the moment

Tesla Cybertruck is not yet ready to enter the market, and the company continues to work on the machine. For example, Elon Musk said that now engineers are working to increase the travel of the air suspension to improve the behavior of the car on the roads.

In addition, the car … became smaller! True, only 3%, and it is not clear in which place, but the situation is interesting. By the way, it was precisely the reduction in size, the lower height of the window sill line and a more even central line that Musk called the main changes in Cybertruck at the moment.

True, in this case the question remains regarding the other features of the Tesla pickup truck, because of which it will not be able to pass certification. But if these changes are made, Tesla has not yet covered them.

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