Tesla cuts down forest and threatens with shortage of drinking water for a new plant

According to the plan, Tesla will build a new electric car factory in the German city of Grünheide, located in the eastern part of Brandenburg, and its construction will begin this year.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tried to reduce the degree of indignation of local residents who were not happy with the upcoming innovations. Residents are outraged by the fact that part of the forest will be cut down for the construction of the plant, and also that its work can lead to a shortage of drinking water in the region.

The Tesla leader stated that the water consumption value of 372 cubic meters per hour indicated in the project documentation is peak, but not constant. In addition, he added that for the construction of the plant, a minimal part of the forest will be cut down, and these are artificial plantations that were intended for the manufacture of cardboard.

In addition, it is reported that Tesla has also applied for subsidies for the production of batteries and research in Germany.

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