Tesla backed by orders for Cybertruck three years in advance

This was stated by Ilon Musk himself.
During the debriefing of Tesla’s work for the fourth quarter of last year, a very interesting detail surfaced about Cybertruck pickup order volumes. Many probably remember that after its premiere, Elon Musk began to publish data on the number of orders on Twitter, and the bill immediately went to tens, and then hundreds of thousands. But at some point, the statistics on the Mask page on Twitter stopped appearing. Many then decided that the “creek had dried up”, and Tesla already has nothing to be proud of. It turned out that everything is not quite so.

At the event, the head of Tesla was directly asked the question – how much Cybertruck the company is going to ship. To which Musk replied, “We do not comment on the numbers in detail, except that the demand is much greater than we could do in three or four years, something like that.

In other words, it’s no longer worth making statistics on pickup orders – the production plan has been formed for years to come. For the modern auto industry, the situation is paradoxical. Surely the largest automakers would like to have everything the same with orders. But for this, the state needs to have its own mask.

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