Tesla apologized for removing functions from the changed owner of the car and called the situation a misunderstanding

A week ago, Tesla had a very strange act. Recall that the auto giant remotely disabled Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self Driving on one of the machines. This was done on a used car, which came to the new owner. Then Tesla technical support explained this act by the fact that the new owner did not pay for these functions

Of course, the news caused a stir, because initially the function was paid by the first owner, which means that Tesla received money for it, and considerable.

And now, a week later, Tesla recovered. The company returned the removed functions to the specified car and apologized, calling the situation a misunderstanding. However, what the representative of technical support was based on when answering questions about this situation is unclear.

In any case, apparently, now you don’t have to worry that when you buy a used Tesla, you will be turned off any functions.

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