Terrorists left Telegram in TamTam


ISIS stopped mass communication on Telegram and moved to another messenger – TamTam, which is owned by Mail. ru Group. This was stated by the publication Insider Belgian expert on jihadist groups Peter Van Osteyen. A statement by terrorists about the terrorist attack in London on November 29 appeared in TamTam two minutes earlier than in Telegram.

On November 22 and 23, the Telegram administration blocked about five thousand accounts related to ISIS. The Belgium Prosecutor General’s Office presented this as a partial victory over the terrorists, saying that ISIS is no longer on the Internet.

A few hours after the terrorist attack in London, about 50 ISIS channels disappeared from Telegram into which Peter Van Ostyen infiltrated, but the very next day, November 30, he discovered them in TamTam. Amarnat Amarasingam, a researcher at the London Institute for Strategic Dialogue, found 165 channels related to terrorism in TamTam, 128 of which were blocked by December 3.

In the UK, on the London Bridge on November 29, two people were killed in an attack with a knife of 28-year-old Usman Khan. The victims were engaged in an education program for ex-prisoners, in which the attacker participated.


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