NASA-created pendant helps fight coronavirus

Specialists working in the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory have developed the Pulse pendant, which is designed to help reduce the likelihood of coronavirus infection. As you know, there is a risk of infection if a person touches the eyes, nose or mouth with his hand, which previously touched the infected surface. The pendant warns the user with vibration if he notices that he is about to touch his face. The closer the hand is to the face, the stronger the vibrations.

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Virgin Galactic and NASA agree on flights of tourists to the ISS

The American company Virgin Galactic, which plans to organize tourist space flights, and NASA have concluded the “Space Act Agreement.” It provides for commercial manned flights to the International Space Station (“ISS”), which should contribute to “developing a sustainable economy in low Earth orbit.”

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NASA showed the full assembly of the largest space telescope [VIDEO]

For 30 years, the Hubble telescope has been in Earth’s orbit. He made a revolution in science, allowing you to see stars, quasars and galaxies previously inaccessible to man. But since the launch of the technology, they have stepped forward, and its capabilities are no longer enough for the needs of scientists. Now, NASA has announced the completion of the assembly of the more advanced James Webb orbital observatory.

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Space telescope discovered an elusive black hole

Most of the discovered black holes are supermassive objects in the center of galaxies. For a long time, astronomers searched for evidence of the existence of the missing link – a medium-sized black hole. In the course of more than a decade of studying a distant object, it was possible to prove its belonging to the elusive class of black holes.

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