SUSS MicroTec buys manufacturer of inkjet equipment in microelectronics

This is PiXDRO, a division of the engineering company Meyer Burger Deutschland GmbH.
SUSS MicroTec, a leading supplier of equipment and technology solutions for the semiconductor industry, has announced its intention to acquire PiXDRO, a division of Meyer Burger Deutschland GmbH. The parties have already signed an agreement. The acquisition will cost the buyer 4.5 million euros. The transaction is expected to be completed by the end of February 2020.

PiXDRO’s annual revenue is around 7 million euros. The division produces semi-automatic and fully automatic equipment for ink-jet coating processes. This equipment appeared on the market in 2004 and is mainly used in R&D, for the manufacture of printed circuit boards and photovoltaic cells. At the same time, inkjet technology opens up a number of new possibilities in semiconductor technology. According to SUSS MicroTec, the acquisition of this unit and related patents will expand the range of products for lithography equipment for applying photoresist and dielectric layers using a new process.

Compared to other coating methods, in inkjet printing, the useful use of consumables is significantly higher and reaches almost 100%. This means saving materials, as well as low cost of cleaning and disposal, which also leads to significant cost savings and at the same time to reduce environmental impact. Another important advantage of inkjet printing is the ability to selectively apply materials.

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