SuperDart – a new name in the world of fast charging technology

Realme is moving further away from its parent brand, Oppo. We do not know what the relationship of these companies is from a legal point of view, but it is clear that Realme will by all means continue to move towards full independence, at least from the point of view of consumer perception of the brand.

One of the next steps in this direction will be the creation of our own brand of fast-charging technology. The company has registered the SuperDart trademark, which relates specifically to fast charging technology. Perhaps the first SuperDart-enabled smartphone will be the upcoming Realme X50.

As far as it is an independent technology, one can only guess. It is more likely that this is the same SuperVOOC.

There are rumors that SuperDart is a 100-watt charging technology, but they do not have any intelligible facts.

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